Part Five of Gulliver’s Travels: The Untold Story

After returning back home to England at the conclusion of his travels, Gulliver was again called to go on a voyage. This trip is not accounted for in the work entitled Gulliver’s Travels but the accounts of the trip were discovered in his long lost journal, which was found on an abandoned ship that floated into the English Channel on April 10, 2014. His journal entries from the trip are copied word for word below:

February 12:

I, Gulliver, have returned home to England from my last voyage. I have seen many strange and amazing places on my journeys. It has been seven years since my last adventure and I am feeling the urge to go out once again. Perhaps when these winter months have passed I will set out once again in search of a new, exotic landscape. 

March 1:

It is beginning to warm up here in England as spring approaches. The urge to go on another journey grows stronger within me. I have decided to leave on the 15th of this month. There is nothing for me here in England as my soul is set on sailing the high seas and enjoying dangerous expeditions in untamed lands. I feel a craving for it that I did not have as a young man. All of my experiences have created a desire for adventure within me. The 15th can not come soon enough.

March 14:

My trip begins at noon tomorrow and I can not find the will to sleep. My excitement will most likely keep me awake through the rest of the night. English society is no longer fulfilling for me. Oh how I crave noon to come!

March 15th, Noon:

I have just left the port and am beginning my journey. I have not set a destination or direction to travel in, as I will allow the winds of fate to guide me to my destination. And so my journey begins . . .

March 15th, 6 p.m.:

The winds have drifted me out to an unknown location in the middle of the ocean and I am most definitely not near land. I pray to God that He will guide me to a new fascinating land.

March 17th, 7 a.m.:

It is mid-day and no land is in sight. Food and water rations are already running low as the crew has eaten more than their fair share. We must find land soon or I fear we will run out of the necessities.

March 17th, 9 p.m.:

An unknown illness has been noticed in a few of the crew members. The doctor on board is not entirely sure what has caused this nameless disease and is working hard to find a cure. I fear this illness could bring the death of many of us.

March 21st:

Most of my crew has died, including the good doctor. The ship now only holds myself and five other men, all of us with the unknown disease. The last of the food was eaten two days ago and fresh water is scarce. I believe this may be the end of my life, but I am remaining faithful to God and praying that he will deliver us from this torment. If I die before my next entry, I want whoever may find this journal to know I lived an exciting and adventurous life.

March 28th:

Water is gone. All men dead but me. Can’t write. Praise be to God.

March 29th, 7 a.m.:

Praise be to God Almighty! I have recovered from my illness and now see land! How I have survived without water for seven days and food for eleven I will never know. It must have been the work of God! I see a large gait on the shore of the island and I am approaching it rapidly. I will log all of the details of this island after I land and explore it.

March 29th, 9 p.m.:

This island is the most amazing one I have encountered on any of my life’s travels! I cannot begin to describe its beauty. Its inhabitants look as we do back home in England aside from angelic wings and halos. A large being rests in a palace of immense beauty. This being is clearly the most powerful being I have ever been around butt it is hard to make out his figure as a blinding, radiant light beams from his body. When the light hits my body, I feel amazing love and grace. I have never been happier in my life. Outside the remarkable palace, there are many different towns. People from all around the globe are here on this island. The roads are paved with shining gold and waves of diamonds crash on the spectacular silver beaches. No land on Earth, not even England, even comes remotely close to matching this islands glory. I do not know where it is located, as I fell extremely ill on the ship and slept all night. When I woke up, the ship had drifted to the outskirts of this amazing place. I hope I never have to return home as I want to stay here until the good Lord calls me back to my eternal home. 

March 30th:

The being in the palace has asked me to write down a message for the people of my home country. This amazing, powerful being states: “My children, I have been thoroughly disappointed in the human race for some time now. As punishment for your lack of love for each other and Me, England shall be embarrassed on a global scale. Defeat will come to you by the hands of your subjects. Your failure will turn into a great nation that will rise above all others in history. But fear not, your loss on Earth will gain you favor in the afterlife as the sacrifices you make in mortality will please Me. Similarly, your former subjects will not go unpunished for their sins. A great war will cause many deaths for this new nation; a war centered around their greatest sin: oppression of another child of Mine. The nation will be broken as they fight amongst themselves in defense of a horrible sin. I will show mercy on this nation and they will rebuild themselves into a stronger society. Fear not My children, your nation shall survive and flourish in the future. Mankind will fall to the devil’s temptations again and I shall punish them with deadly wars, as I promised never to flood the Earth again, but mankind will move advance and be forgiven for their sins. Remember My Son and always remain faithful to Me and man will flourish as long as the Earth exists.  

This was the last entry found in Gulliver’s journal. As I stated in the beginning of this article, Gulliver’s ship remarkably floated to England’s shores on April 10, 2014. On board was Gulliver’s personal journal and his corpse. His body appeared exactly as it did on the day he left all those years ago and was wrapped in a white cloth. Scholars at Oxford University examined his journal and  as you can see, the last two entries were written with what seems to be a sapphire stone. All of the other passages were written with ink. The final two entries in the book left mankind with many questions. Did Gulliver write these entries in Heaven? If so, how did the journal make it back to Earth? Does Gulliver’s entries prove the existence of God? If so, was Gulliver chosen as a prophet to mankind and did God predict the American Revolution? The Civil War? World War I and II? If all of these assumptions are true, why did God choose now to send the ship back to shore? If they are not true, were these just the hallucinations of a dying man? These questions can only be answered after death. Nevertheless, the discovery of this journal has created a global outbreak of devotion to the Christian religion and has sparked a mass movement of exploration in order to search for more divine signs. 


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