Letter from Gulliver to the Emperor of Lilliput

Dear Emperor of Lilliput,


Why can you not treat me as a normal person? Although I am a giant-sized creature compared to the Lilliputians, I am no barbarian. From the start of washing on the shore from my shipwreck of the Antelope and capsizing of my lifeboat, I have consistently treated you and the Lilliputians with respect. There was no reason for my “pockets [to be] searched and sword and pistols [to be] taken.” I served you no cause to suspect me of trying to harm any part of your land. Although I am annoyed at how I have been treated, I am enjoying the scenery of Lilliput as it is like a scene from a “theatre,” and is very petite and “entertaining.” For example, if I had chosen I could have done some extreme damage to the Lilliputians that were swarming around me when I first come ashore and started treating me like a freak of nature. All I wanted to do was to go to sleep, but the Lilliputians started to climb and swarm like a big bed of annoying ants. I could have torn through the threads that you used to sew me down and started attacking your land and people with no real issue at all! I also could have retaliated when they attacked me with arrows when I was trying to get untied from being sewn to the ground. Obviously you and your people have no real care for my feelings, as you have built a stage around me to observe me and make fun of my giant body. Although I do have to say a huge thank you for giving me food when your people had the possibility of being struck by a “famine” because I had to be fed so much, and for the custom made “six hundred beds of the common measure” so I could sleep comfortably. I also have to say thank you for not letting the councils decide to “starve me, or shoot me in the face with poisoned arrows.” However, I do have to ask when did you think I would like being chained to a building? Obviously, no one likes to be contained in a small area, so anyone with common sense would know that it would not be good to try to contain me. Another example of my patience and lenience was when you left and your group of soldiers started shooting at me. When the soldiers were finally put into my hand to be punished I let them go without having any punishment. I have been so careful to not do any real damage to your tiny town and people, but I am starting to get extremely annoyed. Why do you think you should have any control over me? You do know that I have the ability do great destruction throughout your country and to your cities. Although you live in a bubble of Lilliput and your enemies on the island of Blefuscu, it is a fact that you should learn to be more open and appreciative of other people such as myself. Moreover, as I have never owed you anything, I am being extremely nice to help you in your military ventures. I do not know why you have to be so aggressive and utilize me as a freak of nature. Even when we finally agreed on my freedom you still acted like I owed you military service, construction, and watching over the land. Please keep in mind I was always peaceful, and there may be some other giants that come ashore here that may not be as nonviolent as I have been to you and the Lilliputians. So, I ask that you keep an open mind of the many more people in the world than your little bubble of Lilliput and Blefuscu.








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