Gulliver: The Lilliput Entries

Today marks the day I am beginning to write in my journal and my goal is to make an entry everyday until I am unable to do so.

Entry One

Today I accepted a job offer on the Antelope after my six years of traveling the sea. I wanted one last voyage before I decide to give traveling a rest. I miss Mary deeply, but I feel I am doing the right thing for myself. I hope she doesn’t get angry with me… that is the last thing I would want. Well we set sail tomorrow and I am hoping for the best… until next time.

Entry Two

We encountered a brutal storm while on the ship. I was lucky enough to find a small raft and help save six of my fellow crew members. The current was so strong we eventually flipped because the raft was so small… I lost everyone. HELP!

Entry Three

What happened… where am I? I am just waking up as I lay here I realize I must have swam to shore. I am drained emotionally for the unpleasant events that occurred and drained physically because I feel as though I must have swam for hours. As I realize I am trapped… I have been tied down. Then I noticed voices in the distance quickly approaching… I began to think who are these people and why are they so tiny. By this point I am screaming because I no idea where I am. I asked the little people what they call this place… they responded by saying sir your in Lilliput. Huh…what is Lilliput and how long have I been here?

Entry Four

I had been lying on the shore tied down for what seemed like forever. I was finally able to get loose from the rope in which the little people from Lilliput had bound me in. As I unbound myself they proceeded to attack me in form of protection because I appeared in giant form to them. It seems as though I was somewhat remarkable to them because of my size, but they never let their guard down. However while they remained fierce they also cared for me in a generous way. Even though I was their prisoner they made sure I was well feed and taken care of.

Entry Five

I am getting rather tired of being in Lilliput to say the least. I never have liked staying in one place for a long period of time. I had never done wrong by the little people and therefore I was hoping for the best as I prepared to ask them if I could leave Lilliput. They seemed angry, but more disappointed than that. I begged and pleaded for them to accept my request for departure… After a while they agreed and understood why I wanted to depart, but in exchange for my request they asked for some articles of mine… I willingly accepted their request, because I was ready to get on with my life outside of staying in Lilliput.

I will miss the little people, but my life journey a waits as it is obvious that Lilliput is not my last stop before I return home to my dear Mary.



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