Buzzfeed Community: Gulliver’s Edition

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11 Signs your roommate is a Lilliputian

1. Is unusually short
(Like 6 inches short…)

2. There is a random rope hanging from the ceiling in his room and every once in a while you’ll catch him doing some acrobatic thing on it.
(Well…everyone has their hobby I guess)

3. He always tells you about the good grades he makes on his schoolwork but you’ve caught him in a lie every once in a while.
(Next time you tell me you got an A on your paper, don’t leave it on the kitchen table so you can see the big D up on the top)

4. Every time you talk to him about going out with your friends, you see that jealous, envious look in his eyes.

5. He is always talking about some guy that really pissed him off. He then spends the next hour plotting his revenge. But every time you ask him what he did he acts like he didn’t hear you.
(Jeez…cool your jets bro)

6. If you are every telling him something that happened to you or about your day, he always relates the story back to him and then goes on for another 20 minutes

7. He is weirdly good at mental math but is secretly failing math class
(he can spit out 212×361 but he can’t solve a simple quadratic equation)

8. He has a closet full of high heels
(you do you roomie)

9. Through the walls you can sometimes hear him talking in his sleep in another language.

10. If you run out of food he will offer you the last of the dog food
(Scout can starve…no big deal)

11. He LOVES action movies and thrillers with a lot of blood and death.

Where are you from?

1. You are having a convo with your bff from down the hall about the new girl who just moved in. You:
A. Smash on the top she’s wearing. Where did she find that? The thrift store?
B. Call her over and invite her to join yall tonight to catch the new Spiderman movie.

2. You just heard the news that a teacher from your high school was just fired. What’s your next move?
A. Immediately start a group message with your old buddies, giving them the low down on the fresh gossip.
B. Keep your moth shut. He probably doesn’t want everyone to know and you have more important things going on

3. You are in class and have been assigned to a group for a project. You:
A. Immediately start taking charge, telling everyone what his or her job is.
B. Work with group as a team, adding your opinion if necessary but otherwise just going along.

If you answered:

Mostly A’s: You belong in Lilliput! You are strong willed and like to have your way. You often only see the superficial side of matters and cant live without the gossip. You strive off of power and don’t always treat everyone with respect. You’ll fit right in with the Lilliputians!

Mostly B’s: You belong in Brobdingnag! You are thoughtful and believe in equality. You are more focused on school and work than the latest gossip. You treat your friends and strangers with respect and keep your opinions to yourself. You work well with others and offer great ideas. Keep it up!


4 responses to “Buzzfeed Community: Gulliver’s Edition

  1. This is really creative! I like how you put a social media spin to a really old text. I think that helps readers relate to it a little more since it was written for an audience in a different era.

  2. I’m so incredibly obsessed with Buzzfeed that I had to comment on this. This post did a really good job of simplying the differences between the different societies Gulliver visited. “You do you roomie” was probably the best part.

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