A Gilligan Journal Entry on the Lilliputians

I finally have decided to begin a journal entry on the Lilliputians, less for my writing’s and such and more on a personal note.

I washed ashore on a strange island a while ago, and I distinctly remember waking to a million tiny ropes tying me down! As I came to I felt hundreds of little pokes on my body, like tiny little animals were swarming on me! As my eyes began to focus on these tiny little things I realized they seemed to be tiny little humans! But I quickly threw that notion out, as it was impossible that humans could be that small, unless I grew? But I threw that notion out also as I thought I would have known if I had grown into a giant overnight. However that still brings many things into question such as if these really are tiny people, and then really how do they live? Like normal people? Savages? I soon found out as I was transported to their homes, on a basic trolley of some sort, which they seemed to be very proud of for some reason. Apparently these small people were contemplating what to do with me, since apparently I am an issue or possible danger for them, obviously since I am much larger than these tiny people, but I decided not to fight them as there were many hundreds and I didn’t want to deal with all of their tiny arrows and such. Over the next the few years I came to understand their society was overly simplistic version of the issues that were in my home of England. These people, the Lilliputians as they called themselves, were ruled by an Emperor, a slightly taller than average Lilliputian, who obviously represents the king of England. As much as I hate to admit it I seem to have a large amount in common with these tiny people, and their society seems to have a fair amount in common with England. Though England’s political system and societal issues are much more advanced than that of the Lilliputians they still seem to have a distinct pattern of similarities. The Lilliputians political system seemed somewhat of a joke, very similar to the one in England in that aspect; here positions of power were given to those who displayed prowess at certain games. These games seemed to consist of climbing a rope or rope dancing, and a game similar to limbo. Basically the winner was in the king’s favor and awarded with a courtly position or some trinket such as a colored string to let the others know he won. This rings true as the courts in England are vile placed filled with kingly favorites and others of such nature that have not earned their spots through education and work, and are solely focused on personal rank and increasing said rank through any means necessary. Walking the rope here perfectly represents walking the tightrope of court in England, trying to increase rank and being ambitious without angering someone of power who could very quickly end your career. Also I perceived a rather comical stance on the political differences of the Tories and the Whigs in England born again in the Lilliputians, they seemed to have political parties based on wearing high or low heels. As hilarious as this sounds the Emperor only wears low heels as the low heels, or the “Slamecksans” are in power currently, even though the high heels or the “Tramecksans” support the emperor more. This rings true to England as the king coincidentally supports the group that is in power. Again, it makes me sad to relate so much to these basic little humans, whose struggles and differences seem to tiny and insignificant, but are so drastically similar in core concept to those of my society. I must go now I have to deal with the annoying Emperor, but I will continue on my rambling’s of the similarities later.


One response to “A Gilligan Journal Entry on the Lilliputians

  1. You very clearly outlined the parallels with the Lilliputians and England. Also liked how you included Gulliver’s hesitation or disdain to admit that England isn’t perfect like he would like to think it is! Good Job!

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