1 on 1 with Gulliver!

Ladies and Gentleman,

Host: I have the one and only Gulliver on the show today and he has been through some crazy crazy stuff lately and he is here just for you to tell you all about it. It is my pleasure to welcome Gulliver to the show!

Gulliver: Hey everyone! I am Gulliver and I have been on some crazy travels if you know what I mean!

(Crowd laughs uncontrollably)

Host: So Gulliver, tell us about how you got into this predicament?

Gulliver: Well I was I was out at sea, like all great stories start (am I right?!?) I was out at sea and we came upon a violent storm that destroyed the main boat that I was on but then I made it to shore on a smaller raft.

Host: Wow. That sounds like you really got put through the ringer huh?

Gulliver: Yea but you hadn’t even heard the half of it! So there were this little people in this place called Lilliput.

Host: Wait, what? There were LITTLE people? In a place called LILLIPUT? How small exactly??

Gulliver: Well the people, the Lilliputians, were smaller than say me. There were WAY less than a foot tall and I was huge in comparison to me.

Host: So continue. Our crowd is literally dying to hear what you’ve got to say because little people. Ha! It sounds so far fetched.

Gulliver: Well they thought that I was something to be marveled but they were still “In control” in their minds because when I had laid down to rest I awoke to ropes and ties over my body holding me down.

Host: So let me get this straight… Little people tied you down when you fell asleep. Why didn’t you just fight your way out of it?????

(Crowd making confused noises)

Gulliver: Well I can explain, they were kind people except for tying me up. They fed me and they were brave towards my size in comparison and that was something that I found oh so interesting so I stayed but they had me as a prisoner and they wouldn’t let me go.

Host: Oooh as a prisoner you say. Well ladies and gentleman out man Gulliver here had gotten himself into a crazy situation! So tell us. How did you get out?

Gulliver: Well I begged and begged and finally they decided to exchange some articles of mine from when we crashed on the ship for my freedom. So after that I got the rest of my stuff and hit the road as soon as possible.

Host: Wow! That really sounds like quite the tale. So it seems to me that on this quest you faced danger and peril but were also a witness to the oddities of the island. But you still have more as I understand correctly huh?

Gulliver: Yes that is correct! My journeys did not end in Lilliput but eventually went on to a place called Brobdingnag, which is where we will pick up the story.

Host: Well you heard it here first form Gulliver! The 2nd half coming up as soon as we get back!


2 responses to “1 on 1 with Gulliver!

  1. You did a great job of capturing the important elements of the storyline! The way you set this up reminds me of a talk show, which made it enjoyable to read!

  2. Nice job writing a very enjoyable essay here. The accurate portrayal of the story with the exaggerated talk show setting makes for a fun read, for sure. Wish I could catch the 2nd part in the series!

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