Gulliver’s Instagram Woes

Gulliver’s travels throughout the first three chapters have been eventful. When he actually get’s the chance to stand up and view Lilliput, he is surprised by how beautiful and scenic Lilliput actually is. As a person in today’s modern society, Instagram is the new main source for taking pictures. Whether you are having a fun time and want to document your pleasure, or you are viewing a beautiful sunset on the beach, Instagram will allow you to document these happenings to the world. Gulliver will soon find the use of the Instagram as the true collapse of the peace between he and the Lilliputians. The Lilliputians supply him with plentiful food, wine, and an agreement to not attack him as long as he sides with them during war. This poses to be a reasonable treaty for Gulliver. After Gulliver begins to gain the notoriety of the fellow Lilliputians, he begins to enjoy his life as a “free roaming” man. Because Gulliver is a Nardac, a person of high rank, he is allowed to have some of his possessions back that the Lilliputians initially confiscated. Gulliver receives his phone and is ecstatic. Checking his phone for any new missed calls or text messages, Gulliver notices his wife Mary had texted him a long time ago about a new social network called Instagram that allows for people to take photos and share them to people. Being at sea with no connection and then washing up upon the Lilliputian shores, Gulliver is sure Mary has moved on since they haven’t seen each other in a long time, but proceeds to download Instagram anyway. His first post to Instagram was a “selfie” of himself with the nice scenic view behind him. The picture caption read, “New to Instagram, and Lilliput is sweet.” Gulliver’s excitement when posting his very first Instagram picture showed throughout his face. A fellow Lilliputian walked by and noticed the ecstatic look on Gulliver’s face and asked what he was doing. Gulliver shows the man Instagram and the word spreads quickly throughout the town. Becuase Gulliver is obviously the biggest threat being a giant, so his Instagram account rapidly gains thousands of followers. The Lilliputians find Gulliver’s first photo as a positive outlook for Lilliput. As days go on, more photos surface of Gulliver throughout the city doing various things. The more photos Gulliver has put up to Instagram, the more followers he has gained from Lilliput. The emperor even downloaded Instagram. After playing around on Instagram the emperor tells Gulliver to spy on the city of Blefuscu, and to take pictures of Blefuscu. The emperor then wanted Gulliver to take the spying pictures he took of Blefuscu and upload them to Instagram for all Lilliputians to see. Gulliver agrees to post the photos on Instagram but isn’t pleased with doing so. As Gulliver approaches Blefuscu, he initially intends on taking the spy photos he agreed in taking for Instagram. Instead, Gulliver decided to just check out the land of Blefuscu. The people of Blefuscu were having a town meeting as Gulliver walked up, and were intrigued by Gulliver not scared. As time passed, Gulliver and the people of Blefuscu connected instantly. The people of Blefuscu didn’t attack him or act different, they accepted him for what he was. As a few days passed Gulliver decided to head back to Lilliput. Before he left he decided to take a picture of him and the emperor of Blefuscu. He posted the photo of the two smiling and seeming to have a good time to Instagram. The entire Lilliputian community sees the Instagram post and is outraged, leading to the calling of Gulliver’s execution. Gulliver begins to see the comments of Lilliputians on his Instagram post and decides to not go back to Lilliput. Instead, Gulliver stays and begins to become accustomed to the Blefuscuan lifestyle.


One response to “Gulliver’s Instagram Woes

  1. This post was a very creative spin on the story. I was interested how you would do instagram without actually posting any pictures but you managed to describe it all thoroughly. You managed to use instagram as more of a communication tool rather than an app that just shows photos, which is how most people use it today. It was a different yet effective way and helped us understand the story in more modern terms.

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